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June 12, 2013
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“Ludwig, come on,” you groaned when Ludwig would continually ignore you, poking his cheek in annoyance. His grunt of playful annoyance was the only indication of him being awake, “Get up and off your sexy ass already and go check up on the baby... And don't even TRY combing your hair, it looks more attractive right now...”

Ludwig chuckles softly at you in his pretend sleep, deciding to just encase you in his strong arms and buff chest to keep you from moving. You frowned at your husband and the sounds of your darling child calling for you and Ludwig, the sleepy parents, from the nursery room. Ludwig merely gave a faint smirk, still with his eyes closed.

Sleepily, you said to Ludwig again, “Please Ludwig, it's your turn to check on the baby...”

Ludwig lifted one of his eyelids to allow his striking blue eyes to stare at you, a smirk playing up on his face, “Vhy should I, mädchen?”

You rolled your eyes at Ludwig's playful banter, deciding to immediately step up Ludwig's motivation towards getting out of the warm pillows, cocoon of blankets and your hot body temperature. Slowly sitting up, you slung a leg over Ludwig's other side, effectively straddling him, “Because, big boy, if you don't get up,” You threaded your hand into his blond hair before pulling on it, whispering into his ear as he moaned and blushed bright red, “You won't get a reward, Luddy...”

You slowly kissed his jaws, his cheek, then pecking his lips. You rolled quickly off of Ludwig when he tried to buck, pushing him out of bed. Ludwig resisted, wanting to get another kiss from you, but you kicked him very close to his family jewels for comfort, “Ludwig, just go check on the baby!”

Ludwig sighed before chuckling and getting up, “Alright, liebe, alright! But,” he said, smiling at you with not-so-good intentions, “You owe me more than a kiss vhen I return, {Name}...” He snatched up one of his jackets, most likely the green army jacket with the Iron Cross attached to it, “I vill be back soon, liebe.”

Ludwig walked out of his shared bedroom after shrugging on his jacket, to the sound of your snort and indignant cry of, “I don't owe you anything, Luddy!”


You tried to get comfortable in the bed again, but you missed Ludwig's body heat. You slowly began to hear the sounds of Ludwig and your little baby quieten down, so you attempted to fall back asleep again. Sooner or later, you heard the tell tale sounds of your bedroom door locking, so you assumed that it was done.

Yawning, you sleepily called out to Ludwig, “What was wrong with the little darling? Was it another diaper change...?”

Ludwig smiled softly at your sweet sleepy face, with your hair all mused up, “Nein, the little one just vanted to see his Vati and look at the Iron Cross for a bit. I left the Cross with the kind, so it is all okay now,” a small grin bloomed on his face, not that you could see him. Lifting your head off the pillow, you glanced at your German husband leaning against the bedroom door, smiling almost deceptively at you.

“So,” you said slowly, “No poop?” He shook his head.

You finally nodded at your husband. You turned over on the bed, trying to find a warm spot. “Well, good night Ludwig.” you yawned loudly again, never noticing Ludwig striding towards your limp body, “Thank you for taking your turn anyways...EEK! Ludwig!”

Ludwig finally grinned, having captured his prey, you, in his arms and legs, keeping one of his own legs between yours to stop you from closing them. He smirked suavely above you, “Wakey-wakey, my {Name}...” He chuckles sexily at your wide eyes, licking the shell of your ear slowly, “You owe me, mädchen, with that...stimulating vake up call you gave me... And you know,” Ludwig smirks as he puts his hand under your head, his blue eyes sparkling at you, “Ve need to start with the next baby anyvays...”



Request from the deviants can'tremembertheirnames...!!
Enjoy Herr Germany, ja?

Prussia: [link]
America: [link]
France: [link]
Romano: [link]
Germany: {HERE}

I do not own Hetalia, :iconhimaruyaplz:  does!!
I do not own the Preview Pic, I found it here :
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