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August 1, 2013
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"{Name}… You… How could you do this to me...?" Switzerland's sharp mint green eyes were dulled and downcast, his eyebrows furrowed in what seemed like concentration, or a tight lidded rage. His hands shook minutely, something your averted eyes did not catch.

You pushed yourself further into the worn-out love-seat, desperately trying to hide from his view. You hugged yourself as surprised tears began to well up and the guilt deep inside you makes it harder for you to breathe, "S-Switzerland... Y-You know I never meant to-"

"Never meant to do it?" Switzerland's glaringly blank eyes gaze into yours. You somehow held your heavy breathing in, slowly opening your mouth to argue back your innocence, but Switzerland cuts you off, "You never meant to do it, did you, {Name}?" His mouth twisted into a dark frown, "You never think, do you?"

You sighed tiredly into your hands, vaguely noticing that they were shaking, "Switzerland…" you cried, pleading with him to listen to what you were saying. Your heart was heavy, yet beating quickly to an unheard inconsistent tune. Your mind whirled in a tornado of sorry-s and words to show your guilt. The scowl slipped off Switzerland's face as he watched you tremble under his gaze.

You didn't mean to.

Switzerland sighed, looking away from you, his supposed ever faithful girlfriend, "I love you, {Name}, but if you don't love me enough that you do something like this, without 'thinking'..." he stopped, a small, sad smile straining to stay on his face, "Then I can't forgive you...{Name}." He growls deeply, a sound that seems to resonate from his chest.

"Why did you have to do that, {Name}...?" One of his long arms reached out and brushed a stray strand of your hair away from your eyes, which were wide, staring right back at him. He sighed, shook his head, forcing himself to not show any of those weak emotions. You watched as he began to move around the apartment with great haste, picking up a few of his personal objects.

Your mouth began to move in frustrated annoyance, your eyes still watching him, "I didn't think it was that important to you, Sw-"

"I'm leaving." He grumbled out, cutting you off and avoiding your gaze efficiently, "Don't call. Don't bother. If anyone asks, I'm at Lili's."

You sat there, still, un-moving, with wide teary eyes glaring at this insufferable man. The guilt was squeezing your heart and you gave in, crumbling into the broken sobs. The tears trickled down your face, which you kept trying to wipe away, "Switzerland, I-I honestly didn't!! I didn't...m-mean to..."

Switzerland glanced at your face sharply at your smallest sniffle, watching and waiting for you to come at him. He moved swiftly, ready at all times to dart out of the apartment fast in his hasty escape.

Your voice shook with an unexplainable ache; you just wanted him to see the truth and explain your actions to him, "S-Switzerland, please! I didn't m-mean to do it! I know I wasn't thinking, but I'm sorry, really!!" You stuttered out, before emotion took over you and your body was once more wracked with weak sobs. "P-please…believe m-me!"

Switzerland became rooted to the ground in the living room, frozen with surprise, grasping a jacket in his hands. Your tears, your cries… He had promised you that he would never make you cry. Yet you had hurt him, somehow in his mind betrayed his hard earned trust in you. That makes up for his actions, doesn't it?

He slowly glanced back over his shoulder, gazing at his distraught girlfriend, "No… {Name}, you will listen to me. And you will know your place." He gave a small sigh that seemed to come from deep within him, "I'm leaving. I may or may not come back. So just..."

You trembled violently, nonsense spluttering out of your lips. You didn't expect this from your boyfriend, you didn't expect him to be so...hurt about it. Your guilt grew even more and you sank lower into yourself.

Your boyfriend, Switzerland, looked towards the door and back to you, his ultimate decision wavering in the presence of a sobbing girlfriend. He groaned, trying to stop himself from making the wrong move. He suddenly moved quickly, punching the wall next to him angrily, the wall cracking slightly under him fist's pressure.

You recoiled. Switzerland glanced at you, almost apologetic if not for the fact that his heart was extremely lost in the confusion. He looked away, letting out a frustrated sigh and readying himself to walk out of the room.

You couldn't take it. Switzerland could be leaving you forever! You looked deep within your heart, past the overwhelming guilt and found the love you had for him. The love that, in the face of this obstacle, gave you the courage to show that you were truly sorry.

Before Switzerland could even step out of the building, you ran straight at him, tackling him to the floor! You clutched his army jacket with a tight grasp, somehow holding him down with your light weight and determination.

You tried to hit him, but you knew it wouldn't hurt him. Switzerland lay there under you, frozen, gazing at his extremely distraught girlfriend. He glowered weakly at you, trying not to look into your eyes. He would be stubborn to the end.

"Switzerland!" You said, annoyed, "Just stop it! Stop it! I'm sorry, alright?" You sighed at his stubborn streak, "Switzerland, come on, believe me!" Switzerland scoffed at you, "Switzerland!"

He scowled, "What?"

"Switzerland, please, I'm sorry! I didn't think that eating your chocolate would make you so mad!"


I do not own Hetalia! :iconhimaruyaplz: does, however!
I do not own you! :iconsexyswitzerlandplz: does, however~!
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